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IBM axes Australian workers
IBM Global Services Australia, an outsourcing division of the computer giant, has cut 64 jobs from its data-processing units in Sydney and Melbourne, leading to a mass wa...
Ruling could be a boon to H-1B workers
A California judge may be close to issuing a final ruling on behalf of an Indian computer programmer who sued over a restrictive work contract--a decision that could resu...
HP to cut 3,000 workers amid tech slowdown
Blaming a "rapid deterioration" in consumer IT spending, Hewlett-Packard on Wednesday said its second-quarter earnings and revenue will fall short of estimates. HP als...
PDQuick workers told Net grocer closing
Employees at PDQuick have been told the online grocer is winding down its operations and will be closing in about two weeks, a company manager said Friday. "We are def...
Workers mired in e-mail wasteland
Employees waste nearly an hour a day managing work e-mails, according to a new survey. The survey, released Thursday by research firm Gartner, said workers spend a...
Digital Island cuts off workers from mainland
A hurricane hit Digital Island on Tuesday as the provider of Internet network services announced grim earnings and the resignation of its chief financial officer, along w...
3Com workers wait as layoffs loom
As 3Com executives work out plans to cut costs by $1 billion, employees are bracing themselves for layoffs that could come by mid-May. 3Com executives are figuring out a...
Intel online services group sheds workers
Intel is shuffling employees out of its online services group as the company continues to retrench and get back to basics. Hundreds of employees inside Intel's online ...
Intel offers workers severance packages
Although Intel is still aiming to reduce its work force through attrition, the company has begun to offer workers severance packages to speed the process. The Santa Cl...
Intel asks workers to take unpaid leave
A slowdown in the once-blazing flash-memory business has prompted chip giant Intel to ask some workers to take two weeks of unpaid time off this summer. Intel spokesma...
HP to hire 1,000 services workers in Asia
SINGAPORE--A Hewlett-Packard executive said the company expects to recruit 1,000 additional consultants and technical support staff in the Asia-Pacific region (including ...
Start-up connects homeowners, workers
ServiceMagic.com, a San Francisco-based home services marketplace, hopes to cash in as an online connection point between homeowners and those who do handiwork. Customers...
Are wired workers productive workers?
Gary Duncan, who works in a metal-stamping plant in suburban Chicago, used to turn on his antiquated home computer to "waste time" playing solitaire. So when Ford Motor o...
HP asks workers to take more vacation
Looking to further cut costs, Hewlett-Packard is asking its U.S. workers to take an additional eight days of vacation time by October or a pay cut of up to 10 percent. ...
VA Linux leaves hardware, lays off workers
In a radical change, VA Linux Systems announced it will stop selling Linux computers on July 10, abandoning a business central to the company since its founding in 1993 a...
Companies to workers: You need a vacation
Broadcom cuts first wave of workers
Broadcom has trimmed an unspecified number of jobs, related to the communication chipmaker's previously announced layoff plans, the company confirmed Tuesday. The la...
HP workers in Asia consider pay cut, vacation
SINGAPORE--Hewlett-Packard has asked its 14,000 employees in Asia to either take a pay cut, vacation or a combination of both, mirroring recent cost-cutting moves in the ...
Costs, caution spur monitoring of workers
Employee productivity, corporate liability and bandwidth limitations are the top reasons that companies decide to monitor their employees, according to several sellers of...
Workers bitter, bittersweet as Webvan folds
OAKLAND, Calif.--Monday was glum for a couple dozen stunned Webvan employees, who gathered in a movie theater parking lot near one of the online grocer's distribution cen...
Layoffs may spoil HP workers' allegiance
Workers participating in a voluntary cost-cutting campaign at Hewlett-Packard have saved the company $130 million, confounding psychologists and economists who say that p...
Apple settles with 'worker bee
Apple Computer has quietly settled a lawsuit against a former worker who allegedly posted company secrets on the Internet under the pseudonym "worker bee." According ...
Tech workers seeing smaller raises
Gone are the days of double-digit raises for technology workers. Nowadays, some tech wages aren't even keeping up with inflation. Salary increases for information-tech...
Sun asks workers to use vacation time
In an effort to further cut costs, Sun Microsystems is asking its workers to take additional unused vacation days before the end of the year. According to Sun workers, th...
Sonicblue lays off more workers
Consumer electronics maker Sonicblue confirmed Monday that it laid off 90 employees. The Santa Clara, Calif.-based company did not immediately disclose its total number ...
Security workers: Copyright law stifles
Two well-known computer security experts pulled down their works from the Internet this week for fear of being prosecuted under 1998's Digital Millennium Copyright Act. A...
Tech giants scramble to track down workers
SINGAPORE--Terrorist attacks on Tuesday, including the crashing of hijacked planes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon, left many technology companies scrambling to ...
Agency.com restructures, cuts 200 workers
Internet consultancy Agency.com says it plans to reorganize its business by closing its Portland, Ore., offices and cutting about 19 percent of its work force, or 200 emp...
Verio reorganizes, cuts workers
Verio, an Internet service provider and Web hosting company, announced a restructuring plan and layoffs Tuesday designed to reduce costs, focus on big business customers,...
Peering into the soul of the tech worker
Q&A The economic downturn and massive layoffs in the technology sector have made employees more loyal and less individualistic than they were during the 1990s job boom,...
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